Use these sun protection tips to get the most out of your Bondi Lifeguard sunscreen and make sure your skin is protected when enjoying the sunshine.
Put your Bondi Lifeguard Sunscreen on at least 20 minutes before you go in the sun if possible. Allowing it to absorb deeper into your skin before exposure to harmful rays will ensure maximum strength protection. Use the correct amount, too many people get caught out by not using enough sunscreen, ensure your application routine has covered sufficiently for your best protection.

Always use the best SPF sunscreen for your skin type – Bondi Lifeguard has products ranging right up to SPF 50+ to choose from.  Reapply your Bondi Lifeguard Sunscreen regularly – ideally every hour – especially after swimming and drying off with a towel.
The Australian sun is notorious for its strength.  Exposing your skin to it when it is at its hottest during the day can be dangerous.  It is advisable to avoid prolonged sun exposure between the hours of 10am and 3pm.  Never go in the sun without proper Bondi Lifeguards sun protection and if you must go in the sun between these hours, make sure you take extra precautions like the Lifeguards do – wear a hat, cover up, drink water  and reapply your sunscreen religiously.
Be thorough when putting on Bondi Lifeguard sunscreen.  All skin burns in the sun so it all needs to be protected.  Don’t forget your ears, nose, feet and toes!  The backs of knees and around the ankles are two more areas that often get neglected.  Also make sure to spread your sunscreen right up under swim suit so no skin is unprotected if the costume moves.  Your scalp can also burn so unless you fancy rubbing sunscreen into your hair, its best to wear a hat.
Don’t neglect sun protection just because it’s not the middle of summer.  In autumn and spring the sun may lack the heat it has in summer but those harmful UVA and UVB rays are still there.  Cooler weather means more clothing but often your skin will still be exposed.

  • Everyday use of sun lotions on your face and back of the hands will limit the chances of developing dry leathery skin, wrinkles, spotting and other signs of premature aging and skin cancer.
  • Sunscreen should be applied to clean, dry skin at least 20 minutes before exposure to the sun which allows it time to absorb properly.
  • Children and babies need greater protection. Use a high SPF sunscreen for the best protection for your little ones.