Bondi Lifeguard Suncare , The Lifeguard for your skin

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If irritation or reaction occurs discontinue use.

The Bondi Lifeguards have been saving people all their lives, now they help you save your skin.

Everyone knows the best tan to have, is a healthy tan. So if you love to look good, with a tan that’s safe and easy to apply, then now’s the time to check out our great gradual tan and instant tan range.

Your slice of Bondi in every Bottle.

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Introducing the Ultimate Sun Protection, From the Professionals in Beach Protection

Bondi Lifeguard Sunscreen is an advanced high protection sunscreen, ultra lightweight lotions and sprays that moisturise and protect. All offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage, to aid in the maintenance of youthful and healthy looking skin. Made and tested in Australia, with 4 hours water resistance.


  • Sunscreen Daily

  • Self Tanning

    Tanning Foam Dark

  • Sunscreen Sport

  • Gradual Tanning

    Milk Gradual Tan

Bondi Lifeguards Tanning Products

Bondi in a bottle, coconut fragranced Self-tanning Foams that are long lasting, fast acting and natural looking for the perfect streak free tan. Gradual Tanning milks that allow you to build and maintain a natural looking tan whilst moisturising your skin on a daily basis; both with and without SPF 15 sun protection for everyday use.


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Australian Owned & Australian Made

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